AMZ-26 Badger
IFV-AMZ-26 Badger-EFEC
Faction: European Federation
Corps: EFEC
Unit Details
Status: Active
Vehicle: IFV Transport
AMZ-26 Badgers are an IFV unit type of the EFEC. They are effective against gunships, riflemen (out of cover) and artillery, but vulnerable to tanks.


An IFV based off of a German design, the AMZ-26 stresses speed and efficiency above all other factors. Compared to Russian and American offerings, the AMZ-26 is an incredibly fuel-efficient vehicle. Its fossil fuel and electric hybrid engine "sips" gasoline rather than guzzles it and is extremely quiet for a military vehicle. What's remarkable is that the Badger can outrun other IFVs while still maintaining its high level of fuel efficiency.

Tech CommentaryEdit

European Federation soldiers often joke that if the AMZ-26 was provided to the British, the units operating it would run out of tea before running out of gasoline. The manufacturers of the Badger's hybrid engine point to it as the very pinnacle of hybrid power plant technology, providing both speed and power while maintaining an astonishing level of fuel efficiency. The Badger is also considerably lighter than other IFVs, which means it can quickly speed towards Uplink points.

The Badger has a Spanish-made 30mm dual-feed chain gun with a firing rate of 700 rounds per minute. It is also a modular design so both its armor and weaponry can be quickly replaced with newer, more advanced upgrades. One popular upgrade is the replacement of the 30mm chain gun with a special multipurpose TOW missile system that is capable of engaging both ground and air targets (albeit at close range only for the latter).

Another unique feature brought about by high tech European engineering is the Badger's High-Powered Microwave emitter. This system has both lethal and non-lethal settings. The non-lethal setting can quickly disperse groups of infantry by inflicting an intense sensation of being burned alive while not actually causing any physical damage. The lethal setting is much more fearsome and some commanders prefer not to use it as the end results are described as "horrific".

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