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Alicia Diaz is a Marksman in Ghost Special Forces Team Alpha.


Alicia Diaz grew up as a tomboy daughter of a rancher in Texas, where her family still runs a large ranch. Diaz joined the Army to see the world. She is interested in travel and languages, of which she speaks several. Her love of languages is a strong asset to the team. She spends most of her free time traveling in Europe and South America.

She has two brothers, Carlos and Tomas, and a confirmed father who still works the ranch back in Lubbock, Texas.

Professional BackgroundEdit

  • US Army: Ghost Special Forces: Team Alpha - Alicia Diaz joined the Army, but Army policy on female soldiers did not allow her to serve in combat arms jobs, including Special Forces. However, the Ghosts did not have to follow the Army's policy given the unique nature of the unit, and the unit recruited Diaz given her background as a world class long distance shooter. Diaz joined the Ghosts and serves in the sniper section within the unit, and is assigned to Capt. Mitchell's team.

Korean Conflict (2011)Edit

Sergeant Alicia Diaz was deployed along with the rest of the Ghost Recon unit in order to put down the North Korean military coup in the Korean Peninsula. Along with fellow marksman Mike Kim, Diaz displayed amazing proficiency in sniping on the battlefield as she and the rest of the Ghost Recon cut off the rebels fuel supplies and stave off enemy attacks from civilian populated cities.

Kazakhstani Uprising (2012)Edit

In 2012, the Ghosts were deployed to Kazakhstan as part of a UN task force. Diaz again went above and beyond the call of duty in the Ghosts pursuit of the dangerous revolutionary Asad Rahil. In the climax of the operation, with the better half of the Ghost team incapacitated and out of action, Diaz and her commanding officer Scott Mitchell strike out on their own and corner Rahil on the open plains, with Diaz providing recon and sniper cover for Mitchell.

Mexican Revolutionary Crisis (2013-14) Edit

In 2014, while overseeing security for the NAJSA meeting in Mexico City, Diaz and the rest of the Ghosts are engaged by Mexican revolutionaries, led by General Ontiveros and his son, Colonel Carlos Ontiveros.