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Mission Details

Bank is a mission that Sam Fisher was sent on in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.

Story Edit

Sam Fisher was sent to investigate the bank that Hugo Lacerda was payed through. Due to delicate relations between the US and Panama, Sam was given orders to make the mission look like a robbery and if possible, to plant false emails to frame bank clerks for the robbery.

During the mission Sam found a connection with a man named Zherkezi, the man who worked with Bruce Morgenholt to examine The Masse Kernels, developed by Philip Masse. Lambert was understandibly worried by the implication of Zherkezi's involvement. Now the only man to have intiment knowledge of Masse's algorithms.

Once Sam entered the vault of the bank and Grimsdottir accessed the files on the bank's server, she found that some of the deleted messages on the computer were 5-12 encrypted - a signature of the now dead for 2 years Philip Masse. Also a reference to a supposed accomplice of Morgenholt's kidnappers - "Dvorak".

After Sam stole a gold Bullion (and asked a raise from Lambert), he escaped the bank and was extracted by William Redding.

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