The Bears is the nickname of the Russian Engineers in the game Endwar. You can play with them in the game if you join the Spetsnaz Guard Brigade.[1]


Their weaponry and equipment may be a bit older, but Spetsnaz Guard Brigade Bears don't let this hinder them. Bears are every bit as experienced as their rifleman brothers in arms. SGB engineers are quick to adapt to any situation, and while it's not wise to deploy them against riflemen, they can do well against gunships and armored vehicles when behind sufficient cover or properly garrisoned.

Tech commentaryEdit

If you compare the Spetsnaz Guard Brigade Bears to engineers from the Joint Strike Force or the European Enforcer Corps, you may think that they are not as well-equipped and less effective, but looks can be deceiving. All the equipment used by the Bears is battle-proven. It may not look pretty, but it gets the job done. The same can be said for the Bears themselves. Their uniform requirements are not as strict and they often customize their own gear.

SGB Bears have an assortment of explosive and support weapons in their arsenal. One especially terrifying weapon deployed by these units is the RP-Z3, a rocket-propelled projectile launcher which is loaded with a warhead that contains numerous incendiary pellets. The SGB can also deploy anti-tank hand grenades and poison gas for clearing buildings. For anti-armor use, the unit uses shoulder-launched Mini-Kornet-K HEAT missiles. These units can even deploy the AHM-500 an anti-helicopter landmine. This system can fill the sky with nearly 30kg of explosive bomblets when its sensors detect an enemy unit flying overhead.

Even with all this firepower, Bears are still not properly equipped to deal with infantry threats. They are equipped with a personal PP3000 sub machinegun for defense, but will be easily outgunned by the assault rifles of rifleman units.


Primary armament Mini-Kornet-K missile launcher, PP3000 sub machine gun

Special features Can take advantage of cover, garrison buildings, can capture uplink points.