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Bishop is the Deputy Director of Rainbow. Bishop is the lead protagonist during the events of Vegas 2, and as such Bishop is fully customizable. Bishop can be selected to be either a male or female, everything is the same as the male version, except you have a female voice and body.


Bishop first met Domingo Chavez in Venezuela. They both belonged to separate Ranger companies, but were left stranded after an ambush that left most of their companions dead. Over the following week, they both made their way through the jungle, encountering and exterminating several ragtag bands of militia. By the time they made it back to base, they were solid friends.

Several years later, Bishop was brought into Rainbow by Domingo. He has had a lot of battlefield experience, but is relatively inexperienced as a commander. He has tried to compensate for this by studying military tactics extensively. Combined with his strong charisma and courage under fire, his deep knowledge of tactics led Six to appoint him head of Bravo team in 2005.

More experienced than Logan -- he trained him when he first joined – Bishop knows every textbook tactical maneuver cold. He rose through the ranks rapidly, quickly becoming a team lead. During his few years at the top, he has never failed a mission.

After the incident with Gabriel Nowak in 2010 Bishop was promoted to Deputy Director.

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