The C1A5 Archon is an Armored Personnel Carrier-Command Vehicle. Having a it on the ground boosts efficiency as well as morale and gives the commander a stronger link to his forces. The Archon can also deploy a small compliment of armed sentry drones and an armed airborne hunter-killer UAV known as the MQ-3 Scryer.

Tech ComentaryEdit

C1A5 Archons can provide a valuable tactical edge on the battlefield. Each one of these high-tech vehicles is equipped with a dizzying array of computers, sensors, and other tools for information gathering and distribution. The Archon is a one-stop shop for all C5ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Combat Systems, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) needs. Placing a C1A5 Archon on the ground will give commanders drastically enhanced battlefield awareness and allows for the detection of traps and stealth units.

Archons are also capable of deploying PD-6 Rottweiler sentry drones and an MQ-3 Scryer hunter-killer UAV. Rottweilers are armed with a 6.8minigun while Scryers are armed with guided multi-purpose missiles. Even when it's on its own an Archon isn't really alone. For close-range defense Archons are equipped with a 20mm remotely-operated chaingun.

C1A5s are powered by twin hybrid engines, with one engine powering each tread. A special system is in place which allows both treads to be powered by a single engine if one is damaged or disabled. While its sentry drones and UAV are effective at protecting the Archon, it is not designed to be a front-line combat vehicle and can be an easy target for enemy units if left unsupported.

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