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Cargo Ship
Location: Pacific Ocean, 90km southwest of Panama Canal
Mission Details

Cargo Ship is the second mission in the video game Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory.

Story Edit

                                                                         SPOILER ALERT!!!

Agent Sam Fisher was safely extracted from the Peruvian- based camp of "The people's voice". Unfortunettly, Fisher was unable to intercept Hugo Lacerda. Now Sam Is sent to the Maria Narcissa- a cargo ship, to kill Hugo Lacerda and find out why is a rebel leader interested in weaponised algorithms. When reading the transit ledgers on Lacerda's shipping container aboard the Narcissa, Sam's handlers find a connection with a Panamanian bank used to laundry money. When talking to Lacerda prior to murdering him, Sam fails to produce any intel to shed light on the identity of the people who wanted to kidnap Morgenholt. With Lacerda dead and Sam's job finished, Fisher extracts and returns to the USS Walsh.

Mission OverviewEdit

Lower Decks, Upper Decks, Bridge The mission starts with Sam aboard the Maria Narcissa. As he makes his way down 3 floors and takes out anyone that gets in his way, he comes across a door. He slides the door open and finds a storage room filled with large crates. William informs fisher that another goal he may want to think about is planting tracking devices on the illegal weapons crates that he may come across.

After Fisher makes his way past the storage area he finds out that the Mariia Nacissa has called in a flood leak and that several compartments have been flooded, including the one he needs to get threw. He passes the flooded door and crabs the gaurd working in the next room. After taking the gaurd out Fisher climbs into an exhaust vent in the wall and comes to a second floor balcony.

Sam makes his way past two gaurds and presses the switch needed to drain the water out of the room. Sam comes up to a narrow passage way with a room to the right. William informed Sam that inside this room he could find the bill of loading for Lacerda's shipments. Sam climbs up a few boxes and see's the bill attached to the front of the crate. He leaves the room but see's two guards comming his way down the narrow passage.

Sam then see's a small hole that he can climb down and does so. As the guards take a step closer, sam matchs a step moving each group closer and closer together. Soon they both end up on both sides of the hallway, at a safe enough distance for fisher to sneak up threw the next hole and make his way down the stares ahead of him.

After making his way threw the narrow passageway Fisher finds himself in a large open room with 3 guards and the smell of gases. Fisher needs to get past these guys but nobody's walking away from this room if anyone fires even a single bullet. This leaves fisher with only two options, either take each one out with his SC Knife or sneak past them.

Sam makes his way to the Upper Decks and plants a few more trackers on the weapons crates. Once he got to the brige he noticed a couple guys comming out of their rooms. Sam hid in the shadows waiting for one to turn their back and grabbed him.[1]


Primairy ObjectivesEdit

  • Retrieve the bill of loading from Lecerda's arms shipments.
  • Retrieve the ships transit ledgers for Lecerda's arms shipments.
  • Eliminate Hugo Lacerda.
  • Find out which cabin Lacerda is in.
  • Exfiltrate to the extraction point.

Secondary ObjectivesEdit

  • Find the name of Lecerda's Panamanian contact.

Oportunity ObjectivesEdit

  • Place tracking devices on illegal weapons crates.

Bonus ObjectivesEdit

  • Interrogate Hugo Lacerda.

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