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Joe Ramirez is a Rifleman and Communications Expert in Ghost Special Forces Team Alpha.

Professional BackgroundEdit


Jose Ramirez is a first generation Mexican America born in the suburbs of Los Angeles, CA. Jose never found common ground with his parents, who stuck tightly to the traditions of the life they'd left behind in Mexico. His need to be alone led him to pursue his true passion: radios. A HAM radio operator from the time he was ten, Jose enjoyed creating links that spenned the world. The explosion of the Internet in the late 90's only increased his desire to learn about far away people and places. His connections grew, his skills increased.

After graduating from high school Jose drifted into the hacker community. After a few brushes with the law, a police officer suggested that he go into the Army and settle down before he did something really stupid.


Entering the US Army was a shock to the young introverted Jose. The Army was unlike anything he'd ever experienced. After a rough Boot Camp, Jose's Gunny realized that his undisciplined youth had an iron will, and was smart to boot. A short talk with Jose, now "Joe", convinced the young soldier to apply for Ranger School.

Joe came away from two tours in the Pashtun region of Pakistan with a Purple Heart and a Silver Star. A career soldier who preferred to be in the field to being behind a desk, he turned down as office job at OCS for a role in the recently formed Ghosts.

Joe is new to OPFOR, but he's quick on the uptake, and knows his job.

Over the years of his service within the Ghost Recon Team, he grew further experienced. During the events of Future Soldier, he was with Predator Team, a four man squad, investigating illegal weapons in Nicaraugua. When investigating a truck, it was discovered it contained a bomb, causing the Ghosts to run out of the blast radius. However, he did not escape the explosion and was killed with the rest of Predator team. Their bodies were recovered and then shipped by to the US via V-22 Ospreys to FT. Bragg.


Jose is a funny guy that everybody loves, always keen on cracking jokes. The conflict in Mexico touches him personally, as he still has strong family links there.