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Matt Beasley is a Rifleman in Ghost Special Forces Team Alpha.

Professional BackgroundEdit


Hailing from a rough inner-city neighborhood in Detroit, Matt was a "latchkey kid" whose parents worked long hard hours and were rarely home. As a result he spent most of his time on the streets. He knew everyone, good and bad, and while he never got involved in their mischief, he always knew what was happening. Over time he became known as a lone wolf; a tough kid who knew how to work the angles and could get anyone to do anything.

School was a breeze. It required little effort and even less time. After high school, Matt knew his parents could not afford to send him to college so he played the only card he knew; he enlisted.


Matt started his military career as a rifleman with 4th Infantry Division. Matt excelled in all forms of training. Still the lone wolf, he was well-liked by his squad mates yet depended on no one for anything.

In 2003 Matt and his division were deployed for the invasion of Iraq. Jumping off from Kuwait, his mechanized battalion roared north, destroying everything in their path. The fighting was hard but over before he knew it. While in Iraq, Matt was in constant contact with Ranger from the 82nd Airborne Division. He liked their style. They were aggressive and driven, but what he liked most was their ability to work both singularly and as a team.

Matt immediately realized he was meant for the Rangers so at the end of his tour he transferred to the 82nd. After instructors witnessed his performance in jump school he was immediately recommended for Ranger training, where again, Matt excelled.

His first deployment with the 82nd was to the Pashtun region of Afghanistan. The ongoing chase for insurgents was a perfect training ground for America's elite soldiers. Matt learned quickly that cover was good, Air support was friend and mistakes usually get you killed. While in Pashtun, he also worked closely with Delta Team operators. He liked their style; they were no nonsense professionals, the elite. Matt applied and was accepted to Delta Force. The training at Bragg was brutal, but in the end he made it through. Matt operated in 7th SFG out of Bragg where he was deployed to Columbia, and also provided support to pro government forces in the Chilean incident in 2009.


Matt is a loner who sees and hears everything around him. His wariness leads him to rarely volunteer for an assignment. He has not, nor does he ever want to command anyone. Yet in a fight, he is quickly committed to the team and will never leave anyone behind.

Matt speaks Spanish and Farsi (Persian), and a few Afghani dialects.