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Railroad Bridge
Faction: USA
Organization: US Army
Unit: Ghost Special Forces
Mission Details

Railroad Bridge is a co-op mission in Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 Co-Op Pack 1.


Intel reports rebels are moving on a command post 60 clicks southeast of here. Protect the command post, recon the local rail line, and hunt down the informant providing intel to the rebels.


The primairy objectives must be completed to complete the mission. On the Xbox 360, all secondary objectives must be completed for the Achievement Railroad Bridge (Co-op) Perfect.

Primairy ObjectivesEdit

  • Locate the enemy informant.
  • Investigate Northwest outpost.
  • Investigate Southwest rail station.
  • Investigate Northeast rail tunnel.
  • Demo the railroad.
  • Stop the enemy assault.
  • Get to the Extraction Zone.

Secondary ObjectivesEdit


  • Assist allied soldiers.