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Rainbow Six: Vegas
Rainbow Six Vegas Cover
Video Game
Genre: Tactical/First-Person Shooter
Series: Rainbow Six
Platform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Release date: November 22nd, 2006
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher: Ubisoft
Status: Post-Release

Rainbow Six: Vegas is the fifth installment into the Rainbow Six series. Vegas follows the story of Logan Keller. The game uses dynamic advertising and is a first person shooter. It has a health system in which when the player is hit, the screen goes red, and if the player is hit too many times, the screen will continually get redder until the player dies from his/her wounds. A cover system was also incorporated and the game.


The player begins the game as newly appointed Rainbow team leader Logan Keller, with two squad mates, Gabriel Nowak and Kan Akahashi, on a mission in a Mexican border town called San Joshua del Mosquiera in the year 2010. Joanna Torres, Rainbow's intelligence officer, briefs them on their mission; their objective is to arrest Irena Morales, a terrorist ringleader. As the team reaches its landing zone in a helicopter, Logan fast-ropes down first, but the helicopter and the rest of the team is forced to retreat as a rocket-propelled grenade barely misses them.

Separated from his squad, Logan fights his way through the terrorist-infested streets and meets up with Gabriel and Kan at an old Spanish church, their alternate landing zone. After infiltrating a train yard and freeing a group of hostages, Rainbow eventually makes their way to a mine where Irena is hiding. After eliminating Irena's guards, one of whom is the infamous Marcelo, they attempt to arrest her; however, Irena triggers a set of hidden explosives, caving in the roof and burying Logan under a pile of rubble. Gabriel and Kan are overwhelmed and captured by terrorist reinforcements.

As Logan regains consciousness, he finds most of his equipment missing (including his goggles, primary weapons, and grenades). Alone, and armed only with his handgun and snake cam at first, Logan fights his way through an abandoned factory, eventually escaping with Joanna in Rainbow's helicopter.

Domingo Chavez has a conversation with the new team leader about the incident, instructing him to handle a new crisis in Las Vegas. Logan objects, insisting that he search for his lost squad mates instead; Chavez, however, surmises that the Las Vegas incident and Irena's activity may be too closely related to be a simple coincidence.

Upon reaching Las Vegas, Logan is taken outside of the terrorist-controlled Calypso Casino where he meets with his new team: Michael Walters, a British demolitions expert specializing in heavy weapons, and Jung Park, a Korean reconnaissance and electronics expert. The team infiltrates the Calypso Casino, clearing out the terrorists and rescuing a group of hostages from being executed on camera. Once they clear out the Casino, they must rescue Doctor Philip Smythe, a NATO weapons researcher. After a brief gun battle, Rainbow extracts with Doctor Smythe, who tells waiting FBI agents that another weapons researcher, Dr. Williams, has also been captured. Rainbow takes on the case.

Rainbow is taken to the Red Lotus, a Chinese restaurant, in order to rescue reporter Trish Gracy, who was held hostage after an interview went wrong. Once the team clears out the restaurant and rescues Trish, she informs them that the terrorists are using a news van as a communications hub. Rainbow makes their way down Fremont Street and eventually reaches the van. Jung hacks into the system while Logan and Michael fend off a wave of attacking terrorists. Afterwards, Michael places a demolition charge on the van, destroying the hub. The team is then extracted via helicopter and taken to rescue Dr. Williams.

Rainbow is dropped on the Vertigo Spire, a luxury hotel along the likes of the Stratosphere. The team finds and rescues Dr. Williams from the terrorists, and he informs the team of two bombs; a conventional explosive which destroys the top floors of a building across the way, and the other a highly destructive micro-pulse bomb that was placed in the Vertigo, which Michael disarms after the team searches a few floors down from where Dr. Williams was rescued. Rainbow is then extracted to locate Gabriel and Kan.

The team is dispatched to Dante’s Casino, which has hell as its theme, is still under construction. Logan's team lands on the roof and clears it. While clearing the roof, a bell in the tower falls, causing tremendous damage and a fire in the lower floors. In Dante's Arcade, the team finds and frees Gabriel, who is extracted despite his insistence that he fights alongside the squad. While searching the construction area, Rainbow finds Kan engaged in a firefight, who is fatally shot in an attempt to warn the team about an ambush before the team can reach him. Dying, Kan reveals that the attack in Las Vegas is a distraction, and Irena's terrorists are planning a far bigger attack. Although Logan and his team attempt to save him, Kan dies.

The team proceeds to the theater to hack a terrorist server. Irena's target is revealed to be the Nevada Dam (very similar to the Hoover Dam), a hydroelectric dam on the Colorado River. Rainbow then heads to the roof and extracts.

Rainbow descends onto a bridge in front of the dam where an officer informs Logan of the terrorists' bomb on the bridge in the tourist center. The team makes their way to the second story of the bridge where Michael defuses the bomb with three seconds remaining. They then fast-rope via safety cables to the bottom of the dam and enter the dam to save a hostage who informs them that the dam will buckle under the pressure of the lake. He tells them that they can relieve the pressure by using an emergency release valve. Once the dam pressure crisis is resolved, the team proceeds further into the dam and finds that it is a weapons research lab, where Doctors Smythe and Williams inform the team the terrorists have a micro-pulse missile on top of the dam.

Logan presses forward, confronting Irena Morales herself and fatally wounding her. With her last breath, Irena taunts Logan; while she may die, her partner will continue the fight against Rainbow. She then proves she has classified information on Rainbow, providing the names of some of the highest ranking Rainbow operatives and claiming "We know who you are". Finally, the team heads to the top of the dam and plants a charge on the missile to detonate it in mid-air, without triggering the micro-pulse payload.

Logan receives a transmission from Gabriel, who tells him that he is Irena's mole. Furious, Logan rushes to the chopper to see Jo and Brody Lukin, the pilot, kicked out of the helicopter, Brody unconscious. The team must protect Jo and Brody from a small group of terrorists.

As Logan, Michael and Jung rush to their fallen comrades, Gabriel attempts to escape with an enemy pilot. Logan can let Gabriel escape or he can fire a few shots at the helicopter from a mounted machine gun, which eventually causes it to crash. Logan explains the situation, and the team is sent out to find the organization behind Irena's and Gabriel's terrorist activity. When the mission completes, the words "To Be Continued" appear on the screen, implying a sequel. The credits roll while news is broadcast about the situation. A news clip states that a helicopter had crashed in the lake, but indicated that only the pilot, and not Gabriel, was found.


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Terrorist Hunt missions can be completed both solo and cooperatively.

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There are two Players Packs available for download. The first pack released was the Red Edition, followed by the Black Edition.

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