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Swamp Airfield
Mission Details

Swamp Airfield is a co-op mission in Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2: Co-Op Pack 1.


Azcona's rebels have occupied an airfield on a small island south of here for smuggling contraband. Recon the area for intel and destroy any aircraft you find. The landing strip is targetted for an airstrike so get out ASAP.


The primairy objectives must be completed to complete the mission.

Primairy ObjectivesEdit

  • Find the Shipping Manifests.
  • Destroy the aircraft (5/5)
  • Move to the Extraction Zone

Secondary ObjectivesEdit

  • Disable the comm center.
  • Destroy the comm tower.
  • Destroy both comm simultaneously.

Note: On the Xbox 360, all secondary objectives must be completed for the Achievement Swamp Airfield (Co-op) Perfect.